We heard your feedback on the draft Regional Land Use Map and draft Land Use Categories and on this website we will outline how this input was incorporated into the updated draft map and policies. We also have new information to share with you about the Green Network Study Area and governance policies.

You can navigate the topics of interest using the sidebar here. Some of the boards of interest include the following:

If you wish to download these materials in a PDF format, you can find them here:
P4G Regional Plan - January 2017 Engagement Boards (9.4 MB)

Regional Land Use Map with quarter sections in a PDF format:
P4G Regional Plan - Regional Land Use Map (1.5 MB)

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Using This Site

The material we have included on this website is the content from the public Open House on January 24th, 2017. On each page, you will be able to download the engagement boards used for the Open House in a PDF format with highlighted links at the top.

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Guide to the Materials

1. Overview

2. Introduction

3. Vision

4. Process

5. What We Heard

6. Aboriginal Inclusion

7. Five Per Quarter

8. Growth Map to 700,000

9. Regional Land Use Map

10. Regional Land Use Map: Agricultural

11. Regional Land Use Map: Residential

12. Regional Land Use Map: Commercial / Industrial

13. Green Network Study Area

14. Regional Governance

15. Next Steps

16. FAQs